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Swimming Pool Design

Lane Landscaping is a full service landscape company that specializes in providing custom designs for your outdoor living space. While this can include plants, flowers, retaining walls and patios, it can also include a beautiful swimming pool design as well. At Lane Landscaping, we are proud to extend our landscape services to include swimming pool designs. We can ensure your swimming pool and surrounding landscape are able to compliment each other in the most valued way possible.

Whether you are adding a new swimming pool to your existing landscape or you want our design team to include a pool in a full backyard makeover, you can trust us for excellence at every step of the process. Our landscapers offer deep knowledge and experience in their field and we value the importance of providing professional, courteous service to our clients. We have everything you need to create the backyard oasis of your dreams.

Unique Pool Designs

By choosing a qualified landscaping team to design your swimming pool, you’ll gain a valued opportunity to integrate options that deliver more value at the same cost. We can see how your swimming pool fits into your overall landscape design, ensuring that you don’t end up with drainage problems, struggling plants, poorly designed hardscapes or other issues that must be corrected after installing a new pool.

Each client brings unique goals and desires for their swimming pool. While some may want a pool to be the primary focus for family fun and entertainment, others wish for their pool to be a more hidden oasis that provides quiet refreshment and serenity. Regardless of your specific swimming pool ideals, we will work diligently to ensure that our final design reflects your personal visions for your outdoor space.

Lane Landscaping proudly offers a number of swimming pool designs and ideas, including various shapes, sizes, surfaces and depths. There are many elements to consider when designing a pool and we want each feature to meet or exceed your expectations. Beyond our swimming pool designs, we can complete your surrounding patio, water features, outdoor lighting and more.

Contact us today and let us start designing your new pool. Our Alpharetta based landscaping company is locally owned and operated as well as fully licensed and insured. We look forward to earning your business.