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Privacy Trees Planted

Do you want more privacy at your home in Milton & Alpharetta or Crabapple & Roswell? Lane Landscaping offers privacy tree installation as part of our landscaping services to give you a natural screen between your yard and the rest of the world. Fast-growing privacy trees can create a beautiful wall of green that gives you and your family seclusion while adding beauty to your property.

Privacy trees have many advantages over man-made screens for privacy. Unlike fencing, trees are meant to last for decades and require very little maintenance. There are no repairs or cleaning needed, and the trees blend into your landscaping. They also can provide shade if you choose a variety that grows to greater heights. If you are looking for a low-maintenance, permanent solution to give you privacy at your home, trees can offer a beautiful solution.

Fast Growing Trees

For privacy, you want trees that grow quickly and offer a thick foliage to provide a screen around your yard. Varieties that have a wide, thick base that starts low on the trunk are popular for privacy. Leyland cypress, Green Giant evergreens and Deodar cedars are all great choices to provide a full, thick green screen for your home, yard or business. These trees also grow quickly and need little maintenance. Some varieties can grow three feet or more per year, growing to heights of 70 feet or more.

At Lane Landscaping, we can help you choose the right privacy trees for your needs and property. There are many different options. If you want tall trees, we can install varieties that will quickly grow to great heights. If you prefer smaller trees, we can suggest small dwarf varieties that won’t tower over your yard. You can use a variety of different trees for a natural design that still offers the privacy you desire.

If your Alpharetta or Milton home needs more privacy, contact Lane Landscaping today. We offer professional installation of beautiful privacy trees for your home.